Want to Enhance your Business? Here is how you can do it with this app.

People from everywhere WhatsApp for instant messaging and in small business to connect to customers by advertising their business in the form of Groups, Status & Chats. Seller majorly use WhatsApp in Online Clothing, Electronics, Spare parts etc. to advertise their business and to easily interact with customers. But to keep personal instant messaging from business, WhatsApp Inc. launched WhatsApp Business specifically for small business enhancement

WhatsApp Business

a free-to-download Android app for small businesses, Idea of which is to strengthening and streamlining the reach of small businesses without making any investments in website development, infrastructure related to customer support and more.

Things to Know:

  • WhatsApp Business will be a separate application from the Instant Messaging platform which will authorize businesses to communicate with their consumers/clients on a personal level in the form of a chat.
  • WhatsApp Business can be used in same smartphone with your different numbers.
  • You can continue using WhatsApp as usual, there is no need to download anything new. In both apps users will have full control over messages they receive.
  • WhatsApp Business is also compatible with WhatsApp Web, the app’s desktop web browser client.

By Installing the app from Google Playstore you can enhance your business by keeping strong customer links and more easy interaction, below are the screenshot of options available in app to advertise your business:


In settings there are many options that you can make use of such as :

WhatsApp Business > Settings > Business Settings

Business Settings can be used to set your business profile like Address,Location, Category & contact email etc.

Messaging Tool Option can be used to set Greeting, Away & Quick Messages.

Labels Can be used to see your New Customer & Order and also the payments status.


Source: WhatsApp Business


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