VMware Flings – Experimental Tools to Play & Learn

VMware Flings is developed by VMware Engineers, a kind of lab environment contains unsupported tools and utilities that meant to be played or to learn and explore. There are multiple utilities comes under Flings that are helpful in advanced troubleshooting of the product. Some are GUI version of commands while some are powercli scripts and many more. These utilities are not found in the VMware Product downloads.

Flings came into picture by VMware developers and R&D engineers working on products or projects, for certain tasks/automations for which there is not a utility to give them what they are looking for. So they published these utilities in VMware Labs (Flings) for the feedback/enhancement from users. Many flings utilities will be going to developed as an official products, but it depends on the users,community feedback.

Now, many developers create these types of utility solutions and then find them useful on other projects. After the Flings are made available, the user community can provide feedback and request additional features to be incorporated into the current version. There have been times when VMware has queried the user community to submit their ideas for other useful software tools in the Open Innovation Contest. This gives the VMware technology teams the opportunity to develop some of the ideas into a VMware Fling.

If you are planning to use any Fling utility, please make sure you first go through the requirements & instructions and stern warning just before downloading any utility. As Flings are experimental and should not be run on production systems directly. Make sure you learn, explore and test them first on Lab/development environment.

Some vCenter Flings:

Vmss2core – Amazing and popular utility to convert any VM snapshot to memory dump file.

VisualEsxTop : Same as esxtop command, but you can view the performance in GUI based solution.

vCenter Cluster Performance Tool : PowerShell script that uses vSphere PowerCLI to obtain performance data for a cluster

DRS Doctor : command line tool that is designed to diagnose DRS.

DRS Lens : GUI based solution to understand DRS in better way.

Click here to learn and Explore Flings.

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    […] is a command line utility from Flings (VMware Lab Platform) to convert your snapshot or suspended file to full memory dump. By full […]

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