The Future of IT Professionals: Tips to Stay tuned with latest technologies.

With the rising amount of emerging technologies, each individual needs an upgrade to stay tuned with latest things, technologies(Cloud, Automation) for career wellness. Talking about most flickering area “Information Technology”, almost every day there is change in technology. IT is the biggest ever market and backbone of any business in whole world. It plays an important role in any organization.

What’s in IT?

In any IT organization there are programmers, developers, consultants, administrators, managers, service agents etc. All needs technology upgrade according to the current scenario or cloud and automation. So, there are few tips to stay updated and tuned with latest/multiple technologies.

What to do?


Blogs & Discussions:

Blogging is the one of the best way to stay tuned with you technology. By blogging you join various technical discussions, solve complex issues. You also get to know about the various issues with that technology and how to solve them.

For Example: If you stuck with any windows issue, post your issue in blogs/discussions and bloggers all around the world reply you with resolution. Similarly if you have resolved any complex issue you can share the resolution. This way you build your network and by network I mean there is a lot of learning for you. As you always stay connected with Technical guys all around.

Such examples of blogs are Microsoft blogs, VMware blogs, and Join Technical groups at Linked.


Adapt with Technologies:

Cloud and Automation are the emerging technologies in IT Infrastructure that changed the blueprint of whole IT infra. Adapt with those technologies. For Example: If you are a System Administrator, you can start learning AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, and VMware SDDC etc. Click here to learn how to start with AWS and Google Cloud.



Automation is expected to gain further steam in 2018, rendering nearly 70 per cent of the Indian workforce irrelevant. All of you must be aware about automation in IT, many automation tools have been launched which are replacing the manpower. So it is necessary to upgrade skillset with automation tools as well. I am not saying to spend thousands of dollars for training but you can start with some scripting language such as PowerShell, python, Perl etc.

For Example: System Administrators can start learning PowerShell and creating scripts, there is Microsoft platform for scripts only, refer Scripting Guy.


IT Professionals must need to upgrade them with certifications as well. There are certifications available for almost every technology in IT and cloud. Microsoft and VMware certifications can give boom to system admin professional growth.

Such certifications are: Red Hat Certified, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, VMware Certified Professional, AWS SysOps Administrator and many more in cloud, Bigdata & Automation.

Don’t depend on single technology:

That’s good if you are SME of one technology but in this changing IT world you need to learn other technologies as well. Today’s customers are very smart and they look for candidates with multi technologies knowledge, so that with less budget they can easily grow their business. Even the Overseas clients of the software services industry are asking their Indian offshore vendors to invest on automation tools. In some cases, clients are willing to fund as they seek a 5-10 per cent cost reduction on a yearly basis. So it is very critical now to learn new things in automation and cloud.

Webinars & Hands-on-Labs:

If you are willing to learn new technologies there are free webinars available given by product vendors itself. You can enroll and gain some guidance or knowledge on the same. Also the hands-on-labs are available with all vendors such VMware, AWS, GCP, Microsoft.

For Example: VMware HOL, Qwiklabs, Microsoft Self placed Labs, Microsoft Azure Labs

Get yourself out from Comfort zone:

New change or willingness to learn starts from inside. Being in comfort zone can make you dumb. Always willing to learn new things even if you are not in touch of that technology.

For Example: You are in a company/project for more than 2-3 years doing same work in same technology and if there is no new learning for you, you will become outdated. Better to follow the above given tips to stay qualified and tuned with latest technologies.

Remember one thing  “You have the Job because you have the Customer to serve”. Today’s customers are so smart in adapting automation technologies, focusing on reduction of manpower and high costs.


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