Top Websites/Blogs that can advance your skills in Windows & VMware Virtualization.

Microsoft TechNet:

When it comes to resolve, diagnose any problems related to Microsoft products, TechNet is the first thing which comes in mind of every engineer. TechNet and MSDN are two vast Microsoft communities where you get the solution of every problem you see. It’s the home for all Microsoft tools and applications which helps IT professional to succeed and learn.

Scripting Guy:

Scripting repository is an inventory of scripts in multiple scripting languages. You can download VB, PowerShell and other scripts related to Windows, VMware, Active Directory, Hardware and various other Microsoft applications. This is a vast scripting repository for IT professionals. Most of the scripts here are tested, but make sure you test and understand the script code first before running in any production environment.

VMware Arena:

A popular website based on VMware Virtualization. Browse this website for various VMware topics, FAQs, vSphere, Deep Dives & multiple how to guides related to VMware virtualization & vCloud.

Yellow Bricks:

Yellow Bricks is renowned for its deep dives whether it’s related to VMware HA, ESXTOP & vSAN etc. If you want to master any of the given topics just visit this website and start learning. Step by step and crystal clear understanding of the topics will give you deeper insight.

Spice Works:

You can find answer to your technical issues in this website. This website can help you learn about cloud computing, Virtualization, Tools & Utilities & various products reviews.


This website blog is totally dedicated to Virtualization trainings. You can view many labs, VCAP scenarios, VCDX articles & Practice quizzes. This is really amazing full of technical knowledge.


It’s the Gateway/inventory of all Blogs in Virtualization and Cloud. Must explore.

VMware Featured Blogs:

Below are Featured Blogs from VMTN Network, managed by vExperts & Architects. They are listed under VMware Blogs and have a lot of technical stuff related to VMware Virtualization. & SDDC.

VM Guru:

You can find troubleshooting guides, how to guides, product reviews, scripting & many useful articles for v Realize Suite. Must Explore.

Yellow Bricks:

Topics related to Deep dives in HA, ESXTOP.


Articles related to VMware Virtualization, LINUX, VCAP, vCloud, vRealize Automation.

The Lone Sysadmin

Interesting Topics related to vRealize Automation, How to Guides, Cloud, Datacenter, Storage, Virtualization and in multiple other technologies. This blog is a must visit.


Most Popular for vSAN, Virtualization & Storage. Click Here to visit.

Punching Clouds:

Articles related to VMware Virtualization, Hybrid Clouds, Network, Storage & Devops. Click to explore.

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