How to Recover Orphaned Virtual Machines in vSphere 6.5?

You may come across a virtual machine that is marked as orphaned in the vSphere inventory. What this means, in general, is that the VM exists as data in the vCenter server database but has either been deleted or is wrongly registered elsewhere. A number of factors can lead to this unwanted scenario. Virtual machines appear with (orphaned) appended to their names.


Virtual machines that reside on an ESXi host that vCenter Server manages might become orphaned in

rare cases. Such virtual machines exist in the vCenter Server database, but the ESXi host no longer

recognizes them.


Virtual machines can become orphaned if a host failover is unsuccessful, or when the virtual machine is

unregistered directly on the host. If this situation occurs, move the orphaned virtual machine to another

host in the data center on which the virtual machine files are stored.


1 Determine the datastore where the virtual machine configuration (.vmx) file is located.

  •  Select the virtual machine in the vSphere Web Client inventory, and click the Datastores tab.
  • The datastore or datastores where the virtual machine files are stored are displayed.
  • If more than one datastore is displayed, select each datastore and click the file browser icon.
  • Browse for the .vmx file.
  • Verify the location of the .vmx file.

2 Return to the virtual machine in the vSphere Web Client, right-click it, and select All Virtual

Infrastructure Actions > Remove from Inventory.

3 Click Yes to confirm the removal of the virtual machine.

4 Re-register the virtual machine with vCenter Server.

a Right-click the data-store where the virtual machine file is located and select Register VM.

b Browse to the VM’s “.vmx” file and click OK.

c Select the location for the virtual machine and click Next.

d Select the host on which to run the virtual machine and click Next.

e Click Finish.

The above procedure is successfully tested on vSphere 6.5 and vsphere 6.0 as well.


Download the Book (Source) :

vSphere Troubleshooting VMware.


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