How to analyze various Logfiles in ESXi 6.7 via Web client?

ESXi logs are the only way for any troubleshooting related to VM, ESXi, Storage and almost all issues in VMware Infratructure. There are multiple log files that are created under /var/log in an ESXi host. Some of the important log files are hostd.log , vmkernel.log, vpxa.log, vobd.log etc.

Interpreting these files requires commandline knowledge , Click here to get to know about some commands used in log analysis.

However there is an easy way to interprete the esxi logs through GUI, even we can generate Suppport bundle from there. This all can be done by connecting ESXi host through web client. This is an easy way to bypass SSH. Below are the guidelines for the same:


  • Check your Host FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain name) or IP and copy/paste this into your browser(IE ,Mozilla or Chrome).
  • Enter root credentials and login.
  • After login you will see below console :

  • Click on “Monitor” tab on Left side and on right side you will see other multiple tabs. Now click on “Logs” tab and after clicking you will see all esxi logs .
  • Click the log which you want to analyze for troubleshooting, once you click the log file it gets opened in editor below the logs.
  • Search option in editor helps you find the particular text with in the logs like if you need to sort logs from date and time or if you are searching for error or failure keywords in it.
  • In the same “Logs” tab you can also find option to “Generate Support Bundle”.

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