How to change DNS and WINS servers values on multiple Windows Machines?

Just think if your DNS and WINS server got changed and you as a Systems Administrator needs to upgrade the same on multiple windows servers/machines. Below Powershell script can help you do in a very less time.


NOTE : Before you do please test the same script in test machine first, you can add single machine name where you are giving path of computer names file.

function Set-DNSWINS {
#Get NICS via WMI
$NICs = Get-WmiObject ‘
-Class Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration ‘
–ComputerName $_ ‘
-Filter “IPEnabled=TRUE”

foreach($NIC in $NICs) {
$DNSServers = “”,”″
$NIC.SetWINSServer(“12.345.67.890”, “12.345.67.891”)

function Get-FileName {
$computer = Read-Host “Path or text File with ComputerNames”
return $computer


$f = Get-FileName
Get-Content $f | foreach {Set-DNSWINS}



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