How to Lower down EVC mode from Ivy to Sandybridge for an ESXi Cluster?

EVC is Enhanced vMotion Compatibility feature which works with family of processors in a single group for same CPU Manufacturer, which allows virtual machines (VMs) to move between ESX/ESXi hosts on different CPUs. After EVC is enabled for a cluster in the vCenter Server inventory, all hosts in that cluster are configured to present identical CPU features and ensure CPU compatibility for vMotion. The features presented by each host are determined by selecting a predefined EVC baseline.

You Must have tried upgrading the EVC mode in a cluster but here I will show you how to lowering down the EVC mode for a particular ESXi cluster. Solutions for which are given below:

Solution 1:

  • Move one ESXi out of the cluster (Improve this by create a cluster with right EVC)
  • Shutdown VCSA. Unregister it on the current Host and register the VM on the already separated Hosts and power it on again
  • Now youre able to shutdown all VMs from the production cluster and place hosts into MM to lower the EVC
  • Move the VCSA again
  • Bring back the last Host

Solution 2:

  • Move the first ESXi out of the Cluster into a new Cluster with the lowered EVC
  • You can now shutdown single VMs within there maintanence window and move them into the new Cluster and start them again. One by one.
  • Move another ESXi when resources becomes available
  • At the end you have one Host and VCSA left. Now see solution 1.


It depends on how much “adv” options, permissions you have enabled on the old cluster. Maybe your backup is also focus on the cluster name and object id. So think about if the old cluster object need to survive or if you just can create a fresh one which later take the old name.

IMP NOTE : If you havent patch your Hosts against Spectre/Meltdown do it befor you starts because it have effects on EVC!

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